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Crediting scoring – what is it and how does it affect you?

What you need to know today…
Over the years, the banks have been collecting copious amounts of data, patterns and information that have helped them shape their own individual credit policies. The banks have always had their own internal credit scoring system, however today more than ever, it forms the bulk of your finance applications success. Each lender has […]

money myths busted

Money Myths – BUSTED

Making the most of your money often requires common sense more than a commerce degree. Haven takes a look at five misconceptions about money that could be holding you back from greater financial freedom.

I DON’T EARN ENOUGH TO SAVEA lack of savings generally has less to do with how much you earn and more to […]


Interest Rate Update – April 2014

At its meeting the Reserve Bank Board announced it was leaving the cash rate unchanged at 2.5%.
Whilst the official rate is unchanged, we’re watching closely what the banks do with their rates, as some of Australia’s biggest lenders have decided to make changes to their rates regardless of official interest rate moves by the RBA.
Please […]

time to take cover

Time to take cover…

Summer once again highlighted the extremities of our harsh Australian weather. In addition to Dorothea Mackellar’s droughts and flooding rains, communities too often contend with bushfires, cyclones and severe storms; stark reminders of the need for adequate home insurance cover.
But wild weather is not to blame for every home insurance claim. Break-ins, fire and unfortunate […]

Commercial Appeal

Commercial Appeal

When mum and dad investors consider property, most look no further than the residential market. While homes and apartments may be seen as simpler and safer options, many investors are prepared to defy tradition and set their sights on the commercial sector.
Commercial property differs to residential, but with the right understanding of the key drivers, […]